Marketing and Digital Recruitment

Need to recruit more flight crews? Trying to market your products to Pilots and Flight Attendants? We offer marketing and recruitment solutions to support your brand, increase your applications, and to grow your company!


Social Media

There are over 750,000 pilots and flight attendants on social media. Employers can utilize social media to effectively recruit. Companies can market their services to flight crews on social media.

We provide comprehensive social media management:

  • Posting & Management

  • Advertising (targeted ads that are only scene by your ideal audience)

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Page Creation

  • Page Growth

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy & Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Analytics

  • Competitor Monitoring

  • Comment Management, and Message Responses

  • 24/7 page coverage

  • Monthly Social Media Report, Detailing ROI

Traditional Marketing

Have your company featured on Aero Crew News. The industries leading news source for Pilot and Flight Attendant hiring.

Aero Crew news advertisers benefit from:

  • 37.5 million annual web banner impressions.

  • 1.1 million annual magazine downloads.

  • 38.2 million annual page views.

  • Monthly magazine features.

  • Banner Ads on magazine website, Aero Crew News.


Job Fair Access

Aero Crew Solutions hosts online virtual pilot job fairs, These events are attended by hundreds of well qualified pilots.

Recruiters benefit from:

  • Reduced costs in having to travel to events.

  • Chat, audio or video conference calls with applicants.

  • Live streaming presentations where eager applicants can ask questions.

  • Direct links to your online application.

  • Professional networking.