Interview Prep

You only have one chance to be successful during an interview and you need to be prepared.   At Aero Crew Solutions, our counselors can help you prepare for the interview.  You always prepare for checkrides, you need to prepare for an interview.

We will review the following during a prep session:

  • All required documents
  • Your application or resume
  • Logbooks
  • Interview suit
  • Personal/professional background
  • Personal concerns about the interview
  • All failures in your life/career
  • Interview day walk-through
  • Interview reminders
  • The majority of the time will be a thorough review of the HR questions.

Face-to-Face Interview Prep   $399

The prep includes a 3 hour session with a counselor who will prepare you for your interview.   It will include general questions the airline will ask, as well as different "what would you do" and "tell me about a time" scenarios.  The prep will also be videotaped and a copy will be provided for your review.  All face-to-face interview prep is conducted in Atlanta.


Phone Interview Prep   $375

If you cannot conduct the face-to-face prep, we do offer a 3 hour phone prep.  We can discuss any questions you might have for your interview or conduct interview prep. 

If you need a refresher prep before your interview the cost is $125 per hour.


If you have a question about our interview prep service, sign up for a free 15 minute consultation to talk to a counselor.



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