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FRIDAY - JANUARY 30th - Dallas / Fort Worth

You must meet the following job fair minimums for Spirit Airlines, no exceptions will be made.  The job fair minimums are different than the Spirit.com stated minimums.

  • Civilian pilots - 4000 TT, 500 Turbine PIC (Part 121 or 135) or
  • Military pilots - 3000 TT
  • All admission tickets will go on sale Monday, December 15th at noon EDT
  • DFW Sheraton Airport Hotel
  • Registration: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Job Fair: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM




Plan on staying the entire day at the job fair.  Wait times to talk to the recruiters can vary at each airline. 

The job fair will held at the DFW Sheraton Airport Hotel.  4440 West John Carpenter Frwy, Irving, TX 75063(972) 929-8400

The dress code is business attire (suit and tie).  The price of the ticket is for all-day admission and all the seminars are included.

You must print your admission ticket to the job fair.  We are not accepting the Eventbrite.com mobile app for admission.

If you are a company hiring pilots and would like to exhibit, send us an email at mail@AeroCrewSolutions.com


  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Registration
  • 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM - Aero Crew Solutions Career Seminar
  • 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM - Spirit Presentation
  • 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM -  COMPANY PRESENTATION SCHEDULE - To be posted a week prior to the job fair.
  • 10:30 AM - TBD - Spirit Job Fair
  • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM - General Admission Job Fair
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Company Presentations

JOB FAIR RECRUITER LIST - DALLAS / FORT WORTH - The final list to be posted a week prior to the job fair.



Click on the link below to be directed to Eventbrite.com.  All tickets will be available for purchase at noon EDT.







***Do not purchase a ticket unless you have the day off from work.***

There are three types of admission tickets available on Eventbrite.com:

  1. Take-A-Number Admission - Purchase this ticket for larger airlines attending (Spirit, etc).  With this ticket you may also talk to the airlines that participate in General Admission.  Scroll down for Take-A-Number Admission explanation.
  2. Waitlist Tickets- When all Take-A-Number Tickets are sold out, waitlist tickets will be available.  These tickets are free.  Look for an orange link labled "add to waitlist".  If a ticket becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to purchase your Take-A-Number ticket.
  3. General Admission - Purchase this ticket for all regional airlines and smaller airlines attending.


 WALK-IN REGISTRATION FORM - Please bring a completed copy to the registration table.



  • $119 - Until January 19th
  • $139 - January 20th - January 30th
  • General Admission Tickets are refundable.
  • Take-A-Number Admission Tickets are refundable under certain conditions (see below).

  • Online registration ends on Monday, January 26th at Noon EST.  You may purchase an admission ticket at the door.  We accept cash, check and credit cards.
  • Job Fair Registration at the hotel:  8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Please print out your admission ticket.  You will be asked for this admission ticket at the job fair.  We are not accepting the Eventbrite.com mobile app at the job fair.


***Do not purchase a ticket unless you have the day off from work.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS***

Refunds will only be given for:

  • Family emergencies
  • You are sick
  • Your military orders have been extended
  • You were hired by an airline

You many transfer your ticket to another person.  We will need to know the following information about the new attendee:


  • First/Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

If you are requesting a ticket refund / ticket transfer please send us an email to   mail@AeroCrewSolutions.com

In your email please state in the SUBJECT line "JOB FAIR TICKET TRANSFER"




Limited number of rooms at the block discount rate.  Book now for $125 per night. Free wifi in your room. 

DFW Sheraton Airport Hotel.  4440 West John Carpenter Frwy, Irving, TX 75063(972) 929-8400

Transportation to the hotel is provided from the DFW Airport.  Please call the hotel upon arrival for pickup.



Please download the free mobile conference app for the job fair.  You can follow the Take-A-Number system, get the latest job fair updates, plan attendee meet ups, connect with airline recruiters and network with other job fair attendees.  Search for "Aero Crew Solutions" in the app store.



Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and other large airlines attending will be participating in a Take-A-Number system (similar to the DMV).  You will be assigned a specific Take-A-Number and wait for you number to be called.

Your assigned Take-A-Number for the airlines depend on when you sign up for the job fair.

  • For example, the first person who signs up for the job fair will be number 1 for Spirit, US Airways, United, etc.  The 40th person who signs up for the job fair will be number 40 for Spirit, US Airways, United, etc.   If you miss your number being called please talk to an Aero Crew Solutions employee working the event about being sequenced in the line.  We understand it is physically impossible to number 1 for each company.
  • Your Take-A-Number will be printed on the front of your name badge. 

Aero Crew Solutions will be tweeting the "Now Serving" numbers at the event.  There are a couple of different ways to follow the numbers being tweeted online at the job fair.

If you do not have a smartphone or a twitter account you can follow the Take-A-Numbers by observing this sign at the job fair.

If you do not have a smartphone or a twitter account you can follow the Take-A-Numbers by observing this sign at the job fair.

  1. The easiest way is to follow us on twitter.  You can create an account at twitter.com and follow Aero Crew Solutions at "aerocrewsol".
  2. You can sign up for SMS text messages on your cellphone.  Text the word "followaerocrewsol" to 40404 on a US-based phone would mean I'd start getting SMS updates whenever @aerocrewsol posts a Tweet.  Not all US phone carrier participate in this program.  There are a limited number of texts you can receive per day.  For detailed information visit https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170004#



COMPANY PRESENTATION SCHEDULE - To be posted a week prior to the job fair.

A career seminar will start at 9:00 AM.  Topics will include:

  • Airline retirement projections
  • Job fair expectations
  • Interview reminders
  • Your online presence / Social media

This presentation should last one hour.  If you are just starting out your aviation career or need a career refresher course, it is a good idea to attend.  At the end we will do a Q&A session to answer any questions about the job fair.

Some companies will be making a presentation and these will be held throughout the day.  The company presentation schedule will be posted online closer to the job fair date.




Please apply online at each airline's website before attending job fair.  You do not have to meet the flight time minimums in order to attend or to talk to the recruiters.  Verify airline hiring minimums.


Air Wisconsin-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

Allegiant Air-     General Admission

  • Airline Pilot Transport Certificate, Airplane Multiengine Land
  • 3000 flight hours (Preferred), (PIC time Part 121 / 135 preferred)
  • Has not reached the age of 65
  • Current Second Class Medical Certificate (must have current First Class Certificate when hired)
  • Ability to read and write English
  • Must pass a background check and five year pre-employment drug screen
  • Must have authorization to work in the US as defined in the Immigrations Act of 1986

The System Chief Pilot may waive the time requirements contained above if the candidate has other experience that would make him / her qualified for the position.  All waivers will be in writing and will be placed in the pilot's permanent record.

Cape Air-     General Admission

  • Minimums for Captains are ATP mins.  First Officer minimums are 1000 TT.

CommutAir-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

Compass Airlines-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

Emirates-     Take-A-Number Admission

  • Requirements for the Position of First Officer

    - A minimum of 4000 hours total flying time (may include 25% P3 or FEO time to a max of 500 hours)
    - A minimum of 2000 hours multi-crew, multi-engine jet aircraft (P3 time cannot be used for this requirement).
    - A minimum of 2500 hours total flying time on a modern commercial multi-engine, multi-crew aircraft jet (P3 time cannot be used for this requirement)

    Requirements for the Position of First Officer A380

    - 3000 hours multi-crew, multi-engine jet with MTOW 50+ tonnes which must include 1500 hours and current on modern fly by wire Airbus aircraft
    - Full ICAO ATPL
    - Unrestricted Class 1 Medical

    We do not accept simulator time for flying hours calculation.

    - Must hold a valid ICAO ATPL
    - English language fluency (written and verbal comprehension); ICAO English level (4 or above)
    - Must be current within 12 months of joining
    - Experience commensurate with age
    - Type rating would be advantageou

Endeavor Air-     ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS***  General Admission

Envoy-     ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS***  General Admission

  • Pilot that will meet ATP or Restricted ATP minimums with 12 months can interview.
  • Pilots that are interested in our Pipeline Instructor Program can also interview.
  • Application must have the following to be considered for an interview for the Pipeline Instructor Program:
    • Minimum Age: 21
    • CFI and CFII
    • Current FAA First Class Medical
    • FCC License
    • Legal right to work in the United Sates
  • To schedule an interview please email David.Streit@aa.com

ExpressJet-     ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS***  General Admission

  • Applicants projected to meet ATP Minimums within 6 months are invited to interview.
  • ATP Written not required to interview.
  • Please have your application filled out on AirlineApps.com.
  • Want to schedule an interview?  CLICK HERE

Frontier Airlines-  Take-A-Number Admission

Please state on your registration form if you would like to meet with Frontier.

  • 2500 TT.
  • 1500 Multi-engine, military candidates with 1500 single engine military aircraft time will be considered.  Military conversion time will be considered.
  • 500 PIC.
  • 500 Turbojet/Turboprop.

GoJet Airlines-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins..  ATP Written.

Great Lakes-     General Admission

  • Captain minimums are 1500 TT, 500 TT SIC Part 121 or 500 TT PIC Part 121 or 500 TT Part 91 K.
  • First Officer minimums are 600 TT, 25 ME.

Horizon Air-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.

IBEX Airlines-     General Admission

  • Recruiting for CRJ700 Captains for May 2015 class.
    Domicile: Sendai, Japan

Kalitta Air-     General Admission - Will be accepting resumes.  The Chief Pilot will be attending.

  • 5000 TT, ATP, preferred heavy jet, international experience, glass time OR
  • 1500 TT and graduate of US Military training program
  • US citizen, passport

Piedmont Airlines-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

PSA Airlines-     General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

Republic Airways-    ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS***  General Admission

  • R-ATP Mins.  Candidates that have met ATP hiring minimums or are within 200 hours will be eligible to interview.
  • Not able to take the ATP-CTP to obtain the ATP written?  Visit us to discuss possible opportunities that Republic Airways can offer to assist in fulfilling that requirement!
  • Signing bonuses range from $7,500 to $10,000 without training agreements.  Apply online today and schedule your interview by emailing pilotrecruitment@rjet.com

Silver Airways-      General Admission

  • ATP Mins, ATP Written.

SkyWest-     ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS***  General Admission.

  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written.

Spirit Airlines-     Take-A-Number Admission   

Please state on your registration form if you would like to meet with Spirit.

  • Only 200 tickets will be available for Spirit Airlines.  You MUST meet the minimums below in order to attend the job fair.  This is a Spirit job fair requirement, not an Aero Crew Solutions requirement.  Resumes will be reviewed at the job fair by Aero Crew Solutions to ensure they meet the requirements.

  • Civilian pilots - 4000 TT, 500 Turbine PIC (Part 121 or 135)
  • Military pilots - 3000 TT

Trans States Airlines-     ***ON-SITE INTERVIEWS*** General Admission

  • On-site interview for CQFO positions.  Starting pay is $43.42 per hour.
  • R-ATP Mins.  ATP Written. 
  • Interested candidates may email lvigneau@transstates.net for an application and to confirm an interview time.  Advanced appointment is available but not required.



Crew Outfitters-     Provider of pilot uniforms, crew luggage, and all of your travel needs. 

Damos Aviation Services-     Damos Aviation Services, Inc. (DAS) provides comprehensive consulting services to airlines on pilot selection and hiring.  DAS also provides litigation support pertaining to pilot earnings.  We provide estimates of life-time earnings for Part 121 pilot at all stages of their career and for pilots who are just beginning their civilian professional career. 

DAS will be giving away raffle prizes of $200, $100, $50 to fill out a short survey about regional lifetime earnings.  They are looking to find out long it takes regional pilots to upgrade at their airline.  If you have already upgraded you can still fill out a survey for the raffle prizes.

Isagenix-     For pilots on the road who are looking to lose pounds and inches, improve performance and recovery or combat the aging process and improve overall health, Isagenix has long-term health and fitness solutions for you.  Isagenix offers only high-quality, natural, no-compromise products.

Logbookwiz-     Data Entry Company for Pilot Logbooks.  We transfer the data out of a paper logbook into an Excel file.  We have three levels of service.  One business day, two business days and 5-7 business days.